National Joke: The Nats are Punking Me

Sandy Alderson is starting to endear himself to me.  Releasing Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez were two great steps toward me lifting my self-imposed Mets boycott.  He was willing, albeit with the Wilpons permission, to swallow $18 million of combined salary to get them out of New York.  Sandy, I’m intrigued by your first spring as Mets GM but must show signs of success to win over exhausted Amazin fans.  The Mets are improving – slowly.  Joy for me, right?

Enter Mike Rizzo, Nats general manager.  Rizzo snapped him up, signing him to a minor league deal.  Of course, I shouldn’t be concerned, it’s just a minor league contract.  His velocity has plummeted since his knee surgery.  Despite his former 95-mph heat, his control was always suspect.  Even if the Nats can revive his fastball, they will need to work on his mechanics.  Perez has always been a project and he will be again.  He’s still relatively young but has never established himself as a consistent presence on the mound.

I adopted the Nats as my adopted team when I returned to live in the DC area last year.  It coincided perfectly with my Mets boycott.  What will kill me is the usual when it comes to the Mets?  They cut a ball player who becomes a player.  In 1996, the Mets said farewell to Jeff Kent and look what he did in San Fran.  Occasionally, players like Perez leave New York and they thrive.  With all the drama that accompanied Ollie the past few seasons, it’ll be hard not to think the worst-case scenario when the bases are juiced and he needs an out.  I don’t foresee Perez’s resurrection in Washington, nothing of the sort.  But never be surprised: Kent’s emergence out of San Francisco’s fog was a shock unto itself.  I’ll just think of this as a joke.  Thanks Mike.


2 Responses to National Joke: The Nats are Punking Me

  1. I think the even greater joke is from Perez for accepting the minor league deal. Last year the guy wouldn’t accept a reconditioning assignment to the minors to work on his stuff. He would have been paid his 12 million all the same. But he insisted on sitting on the Mets bench for months at a time, clogging up other player movement.

    But now, all of a sudden, he’s game for the minor deal. Unreal.

    • Billy Tagg says:

      You are absolutely correct. On the flip side, the relationship between Ollie and the Mets was so toxic that he was never going to accept anything as he knew the team was on the hook for $12M. Of course, he can afford to take a minor league deal, he’s making free money this season.

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