I Missed Everyone… I’m Back and so is Football!

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell uttered the words we’ve all been waiting to hear.

“Football is back and that’s great news for everybody.”

That is great news.  There are 32 reasons we watch football each autumn Sunday.  All 32 teams have distinct storylines, their own prima donnas and certainly enough entertaining aspects that we could have HBO Hard Knocks for eternity.  The National Football League rules our nation, not the president or Congress.  Hell, Pats owner Bob Kraft actually ripped our politicians for not getting a debt ceiling deal completed.  And if calamity strikes our economy because our whiny, narcissist leaders can’t get a deal finished by next Tuesday, be thankful that your NFL team is in training camp, you’ve already paid for DirecTV Sunday Ticket and that our whiny, narcissistic athletes are far more entertaining.

The free agent frenzy we are witnessing is unprecedented.  As a Jets fan, the prospect of signing Holmes and Asomugha is countered by the realization that this abbreviated signing period could scuttle any hopes for Gang Green to sign anyone to a big deal.  Fortunately, everyone wants to play for Rex.  But I digress.

I hope everyone enjoys being yanked toward the abyss, then pulled into the competitive light, only to be pulled back and forth in the span of two weeks.  Free agency this short will be impossible to follow in its entirety but I will try and keep up as will the whole country.  Just the other night, my wife told me she didn’t feel like watching sports on TV despite the absence of anything on the tube.  I flipped to NFL Network and pigskin talk was on.  Football is in our blood and it’s back!


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