Bradley Out, Klinsmann In – US Soccer Destined For Better Times

Can Klinsmann get US Soccer closer to the elusive star?

Yesterday, Bob Bradley was axed as U.S. Soccer’s head coach and for good reason.  He had very little to show for his tenure.  It always seems as if our men’s national team has incredible aspirations going into tournaments and then falls flat on its face.  They play well enough to win until they are winning and then choke it all away.  As a fan of the beautiful game, it was clear that Bradley’s purely America-centric view of the game was detrimental to our chances.  Enter former German soccer star and coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

America’s Gold Cup final performance was the last dismal outing that forced U.S. Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati to make a move.  Klinsmann has been on the U.S. team’s radar for quite some time but after the United States blew up against Mexico a few weeks ago, they’d seen enough.  Frankly, anyone who watches American soccer sees the potential but also can clearly identify the problems.  Hiring a non-American is an excellent step in the right direction.  Our coaching staff needs to have a better understanding of the true fundamentals taught in Latin America and Europe.

Jurgen Klinsmann will do well to go back to basics.  He needs to teach our young soccer talent to be crisper passers and targeted strikers.  And please make them learn proper defensive technique, especially when trying to hold a multiple goal lead.  American soccer players must learn about the first touch and equally become more adept students of the game elsewhere.  Klinsmann will likely demand more discipline from his players, a trait seemingly lacking within our team.

Don’t fret American fans who feel that hiring a German is a retreat for U.S. Soccer.  On the contrary, this is a smart move and one they should’ve made years ago.  Klinsmann wasn’t interested after the 2006 World Cup but I, like many others, knew that an opportunity to mold the United States soccer team into a winner was too great to pass on.  Klinsmann wouldn’t have taken the position but for knowing he would have absolute control over personnel, training programs and tactical schemes.

I’m thrilled with the prospect that our players will finally be given proper guidance and change the attitude surrounding our side.  American fans constantly worry that our defensive woes will turn a 2-0 lead into a two-goal deficit.  America’s support for soccer is growing and it was imperative that the federation made an aggressive decision leading us forward.  The message Gulati sent to American fans was being dreadfully bad at football considering the talent we possess is just unacceptable.  Perhaps our football will be a bit more German, but it will be a hell of lot better.


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