No New Taxes: Exit Polls Look Terrible For Islanders

Numerous news outlets are reporting that turnout is “abysmally low.”  It was thought that holding an August vote would be advantageous for the team considering most voters would be diehards.  Apparently, the turnout is so low that not even the diehards are showing up.  In some places, the vote is 3-1 against the bond issuance.

Ladies and gentleman, I hate to break this to my fellow Islanders but our hockey team will be playing elsewhere in October 2015.  In fact, I’m sure more than a few Canadian city mayors will visit Long Island tempting Charles Wang to move his team to the Great White North.  Nassau County seems to have lost any reasonable links to its Islanders.  Essentially, no one important remembers Trottier, Bossy, Gillies, Nystrom and Smith.  If you ask anyone with enough money to save this franchise, none could accurately describe the magic of the early 1980s.  Simply put, hopes of a dynastic revival are dying.

The question that exists now is to where the Islanders will call home after they bid adieu to Long Island.  I suspect Phoenix and Nashville will have already relocated by 2015.  One of those teams will occupy Quebec, the other will possibly take KC or Milwaukee.  Understandably, Kansas City has been linked numerous times with the Isles.  For years, Hamilton, ON has been lobbying for an NHL team and they may yet have their wish granted.  More than a handful of teams are in unsustainable situations.  It is unfortunate because the Islanders are in a terrific location, just outside NYC.  Perhaps if the worst occurs, Wang can relinquish our four Stanley Cup banners to the county. And when the time is right, Nassau can build a true arena meant for a future Islanders team, and those banners can hang from the rafters once again.


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