Billy Tagg

Born in Flushing, NY, just a few short blocks from Shea Stadium, Billy was destined to be a Mets and Jets fan.  A tortured sports fan for virtually all of his adult life, Billy has remained a loyal and steadfast supporter of his teams.  The number of American championships he’s witnessed (that he can remember): One (1986 Mets).  He is currently leading the charge for a boycott of the New York Mets until competence and sanity in the organization reigns again.  He has adopted the Nationals as his team until the boycott ends.  And Billy holds out hope that Rex Ryan will lead Gang Green to victory in Super Bowl XLV XLVI.

Currently, in accordance to an agreement made with fellow I-95 Guys blogger, Jeff Lerner, Billy is a committed Isles fan – so long as Jeff honors his part of the agreement by repudiating the career of Dolphin great Dan Marino.  Rooting for the Knicks is a birthright he would gladly relinquish.  Billy is also an avid football (soccer) fan, hoping Arsenal can regain its place atop the English Premier League.

Billy is a lawyer, freelance writer, amateur statistician/sabermetrician, sports historian and tech geek.  In 2005, he graduated from New York Law School and holds a History degree from The George Washington University.  Billy currently lives outside Washington, DC with his wife, an irreverent Jersey football fan who, like the NCAA, does not acknowledge the existence of the “Bush Push” and thanks to Hard Knocks 2009, wears her Ochocinco jersey with pride.

House of Pennants, Banners and Hardware

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