Past Their Prime – Episode 7

Talk about a late start this week. Between Passover and the Celtics kicking ass, we haven’t had a chance to record and post this thing until now. Well, it was recorded on Wednesday, but you get the idea.

Here’s what you have in store for your listening pleasure – Lee and Jesse break down the NBA Playoffs, discuss the most American football matchup ever and Lee makes a prediction about Jesus . . . Shuttlesworth. Plus Jesse sends his condolences to Cameraman Kevin.

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Past Their Prime – Episode 6

A little late in posting this week – mostly because we’re still in shock that Manny retired and that he called to clue us in on what’s important in life. Check out the first segment – Manny must have learned that by reading The Secret.

In addition to the Manny drama, Lee and Jesse butcher the NHL playoffs and talk about the best athletes-turned-politicians ever. Thrilling analysis – we promise.

Welcome to all our new listeners from the Temple University School of Law. We apologize in advance.

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NHL Playoffs X ✔: Rangers Beat Flyers in Shootout

Today, the Rangers gave their playoff hopes a big boost by defeating the Flyers in a penalty shootout.  Broadway Blue had been lingering around the elimination zone until today’s victory in Philly vaulted them back into the Eastern Conference’s seven seed.  With three games remaining on their schedule, all at the Garden, New York has an opportunity to press hard for a post-season berth.

The Rangers will be watching the TV closely this evening as the current eight seed Sabres face the nine seed Canes.  This is almost a must-win game for Carolina.  A lose would not be devastating but it would halt the Hurricanes charge to cross the threshold into playoff territory.  A Buffalo lose would put them in a flat-footed tie with Carolina, the Rangers would be a point ahead and the Habs, two points ahead of New York.

I-95 PLAYOFFS: Philadelphia, Washington and Boston are the 1, 2 and 3 seeds respectively.  7 New York Rangers holding on, could move down to #8 tonight.  ELIMINATED: New York Islanders, New Jersey

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New Jersey? New Feeling

Let me make this clear – this post has nothing to do with the state of New Jersey (and the poor drivers, wretched smell, or the “left turn from the right lane” phenomenon). Instead, this is about how the team name on the front of an athletes jersey can easily change the way you feel about the man.

I am not a fan of Syracuse basketball, mostly because I have a friend who does not stop talking about how amazing their teams were and how he watched them win a National Championship, something my alma mater will never do. My dislike of the Orange made it easy for me to dislike all of the players on the team as well, especially their star player, Carmelo Anthony. When Melo was drafted into the NBA, my buddy decided to stop rooting for the Knicks, and instead, he would be a Nuggets fan so he could more closely watch the career of his favorite player. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against being loyal to a player who you love to watch, but to give up rooting for your hometown team is almost sacrilegious. All of these actions made my dislike for Carmelo grow even more, and my desire to watch his career flounder along the lines of Kwame Brown take on a life of its own.

Until now.

At the very mention of Melo coming to the Knicks, I began to get excited about the possibilities. Yes, I am still very bitter over the LeBron fiasco (I am not allowed to post the words that come to mind when I think of LeBron), but the idea of adding an All-Star like Carmelo can at least put the Knicks in the same conversation as the Celtics and Heat. This brings me back to my original point and the meaning of the title of this blog post, that despite the feelings I may have for a player today, that can quickly change by tomorrow, simply by changing uniforms. I will never forget how much I hated Mike Richter as a Ranger, and how much I loved him on the US Olympic team.

At the end of the day, the name on the front of the jersey just means a hell of a lot more to me than the name on the back.

New Season, Different Outlook

In years past, the start of the hockey season meant only one thing for the New York Islanders: Which team will be our main competition for a lottery pick in the upcoming draft? Well those days are over, thanks to a roster filled with young and talented playmakers and the crafty veterans ready to teach these kids what it means to succeed in the NHL. Last season saw John Tavares begin to develop into the player the Isles expected when they drafted him #1 overall and Kyle Okposo become a solid 2-way player with lots of offensive upside. Add Comeau, Bailey, Schremp and of course, Moulson to that mix and you have a solid core of guys, all under 26 years old and only getting better.

The biggest question mark for the Isles will of course be the health of Rick DiPietro and whether or not he can handle the physical stress of an entire NHL season (or even 20 games). As the saying goes, you only can go as far as your goalie can carry you. Rolo played big in DP’s absence last year, and he will be called upon again this year to play big minutes. At 41 years old in October, he has the experience this team needs to be successful, so hopefully he has the legs the team needs as well.

After training camp, when the final rosters have been set, we will put together our season outlook for the Isles, Devils and Rangers and where these teams may stand come playoff time. For now, before the first puck has been dropped, the Islanders have something going for them that has been missing from Uniondale for a long, long time: A team worth watching.

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